I Want Your Med School INterviewing Help!!!

Med School Interview Prep On Steroids

I'm going to turn you into the medical school interviewee AdComs are drooling over and can't get enough of. 

Are you ready to go from the awkward interviewee to the applicant who is confident, reserved and laidback for your medical school inteview?

I can do this for you.

I'll show you the number one prepared answer you must have that will absolutely blow your interviewer out of the water. No matter who interviews you, when you nail this question you're going to jump to the "must admit pile" and guarantee you become a doctor.

The secret is my "Elevator Pitch!"

The Elevator Pitch is powerful and should be used with caution as the results are amazing. Your interviewer after hearing your pitch will tell you on the spot, "You're the first applicant who was able to answer that question sincerely, genuinely and your passion for medicine really shows."

Everyone is going to get stumped on the interview trail.

But how you respond to difficult questions will set you apart from everyone else on your medical school interview.

I will teach you how to "buy time" without anyone realizing what you're doing. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and come up with an answer that is well thought out, is logical and shows your command of the topic. 

Plus, it will highlight the fact you don't drown underpressure. 

Getting into medical school is yours to win or lose once you're invited to an interview. AdComs will receive over 12,000 applications for a class of only 120 students. They're going to be very selective in who they invite to campus so count yourself extremely lucky if you're chosen to interview.

If you're not qualified and the medical school wouldn't think of offering you a spot, they will not invite you to an interview. It would be a waste of their time and your time. 

This is why when you're invited to a medical school interview it means a lot.

I don't want you to fall into the trap of some premed students.

Have you heard about the applicant who has applied to medical school 2 years in a row and he always gets a ton of interview invites? But for some reason he never gets offered a seat despite having high numbers, a Chairman's LOR, and over 1,000 hours of volunteering. What's going on here?

This would be the premed who is awkward or just doesn't know how to interview correctly because they are golden on paper but suck in the real world.

If this sounds like you then I can definitely help you change how you're viewed on the interview trail and turn everything around about you into a die for medical school applicant who gets a yes at practically every institution he sets foot on.

I kid you not.

It's all about giving you some personality, pointers on how to respond to various questions and talking up yourself in a way that's genuine without coming off as cocky or arrogant. 

You worked way to hard over the years in hot chemistry labs, did one to many physics problem sheets and pushed too many electrons in organic chemistry for it all to go down the drain because you didn't prepare adequately for the last step in getting into medical school...your interview.

How to Master Your Med School Interview

My process for getting you on the winning side of AdComs is straightforward and will get you to YES.

It starts with doing a live call over Skype where I will ask you some questions to get a sense of who you are as a person and uncover the weak areas we will need to address.

From there I will point these out to you and have you understand why they are problematic and will prevent you from getting into medical school.

Then, I'll ask you the "Elevator Pitch" and if you can't do it on the spot I will work with you to get it down pat. This is extremely important that this comes off flawless and with ease.

Afterwards, I will put you on the spot with tough questions and determine how you handle pressure. 

I will go through your responses giving you specific advice and areas to concentrate on moving forward. Along with how to craft responses to any type of question which can be thrown your way. 

At this point you'll feel slightly overwhelmed and will ask me to answer one of the tough questions and I will gladly show you exactly how I'd respond and the reason behind each piece to my answer. You'll pick my brains on this and I will share more.

By now our time will almost be coming to an end and I will then recap our session.

Will tell you the key criteria you personally must focus on as they will be the areas that you need the most work in. Additionally, I will give you some questions after our session that you can use to practice and I'll teach you a trick for practicing alone that will have your confidence zoom and really prepare you for your actual interview.

By now, you'll be all set and ready to go.

Your life is going to change because you went from a premed who really wasn't sure what to expect or how to prepare to one who has a roadmap and master plan to get you ready to Ace your Med School Interviews.

The best part is when you email me telling me where you got accepted. Remember your success is my success so I look forward to hearing from you soon Student Doctor.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"You're an amazing coach. You were exactly what I was looking for. I got my interviews and needed a coach who would work with me and erase my fears"


"I've never been on a med school interview before. I felt calm and knew what to expect after talking with you. OMG, you were so correct about how to act while on campus too."


"I've been interviewing for 2 years and never got in before. You grilled me on topics that were exactly the same ones I was asked on my interviews. I had the perfect answers because of you. Dude, you really know your stuff and I'm so happy I finally got accepted to med schooo!"


Here's What I'll Do 
To Get You Accepted

  • 1 hour Skype Video Chat Session
  • Reveal my "Elevator Pitch" technique that you'll use to amaze your interviewer and showcase your passion for medicine
  • Critique your body language, speaking habits, overall vibe you give off and illustrate what you can do to fix anything that an interviewer can dock points from
  • We will role play and I will give you feedback on your responses and how to alter your answers to be more authentic, insightful and actually answer what is being asked of you
  • A cheat sheet of how to prepare for your interviews so you'll never be surprised by any question an interviewer will ask to throw you off
  • Examples of questions you can expect to be asked and how to format appropriate answers
  • Give you techniques you can use to practice by yourself to fix any awkwardness, ahs, umms, or word ticks that will be frowned upon
  • Answer any questions you have about interviewing and sharing insider advice

Still Not Sure?

I Want You to Get Accepted

I Guarantee You'll Be Well Prepared

I stand behind my ability to prep you for your medical school interview. I have a record of success and I want you to be my next acceptee to medical school too. If you felt our session did not improve upon your abilities to interview or prepare adequately I will refund the entire price of our session and give you an extra $100 for your troubles. I stand behind my ability to get you to the next level. Yes, full refund, I will give you your money back if my services do not live up to your expectations. You won't find a guarantee like this anywhere else.

I look forward to personally guiding you through your medical school interview preparation and seeing you admitted.


Jason Spears